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Traditionally, secondary teachers have not been taught how to teach LEARNING, actual techniques to help students become more independent academically. Instead we have been trained to deliver curriculum, and most of us assume that assigning more reading is the key to student improvement. If you are a teacher in a middle or high school classroom you KNOW that students come to us believing that learning is a passive process, that teachers will and are supposed to 'bring and deliver' information and that is supposed to be FUN!
I knew I had to change the way I delivered instruction to get my students to become more active learners. This epiphany came to me in my sixth year of teaching high school English, after taking over one hundred hours of adolescent literacy training through the Oakland, California based Strategic Literacy Initiative. From 2000-2003, I worked with students and teachers to introduce the research based, cross-curricular learning strategies I'd learned to everyone in the district.
I knew it had to be something simple to implement and user friendly for students, so I wrote and produced a series of video lessons featuring our own students teaching the foundational learning strategies that were absolutely changing their lives. That video series, Get Real! Learning (formerly known as Reading to Learn) was recognized by California Superintendent of Schools, Jack O'Connell and launched district wide in the fall of 2003 and resulted in greatly improved STAR test scores in my district.
I started this company, Get Real! Learning, to take what I learned in out into the broader world so it can help transform the way more of us look at secondary education and learning in the 21st century. Other teachers, with the same vision and understanding, joined me to offer what we believe is concrete, viable solutions that address several common challenges for all high schools.
Please checkout the research and data page that supports our belief that we MUST focus on this type of teaching and learning in order to address the crisis in our education system.

Beth Decker
Teacher of the Year 2010
Liberty High School, Brentwood, CA
Mother, Teacher, Writer, Adolescent Literacy Enthusiast, Professional Development Facilitator
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